Drastic Changes

Every once and a while we feel like a rebel.  We want more than a change…we want to become a different person; to have the world see us and treat us in a different way.  We have all seen it; when our smart best friend goes bombshell blonde or our conservative co-worker goes jet black and cropped short or the shy wallflower goes with a sassy red bob.  It creates a new us, a new identity.

These changes can be great for the soul, but can be scary.  We crave change on one level but fear it on another and our mind can have a hard time reconciling that we won’t look like ourselves.  We must trust our instincts and those transforming us and give in to the new us.  It may take a few hours or days to adjust…but when we see ourselves reborn as someone new, it excites us.  And isn’t that what dramatic changes are all about!

So, give in to your urges.  Let them run free.  For having never tried is something far worse than a bad haircut.

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