For the Men…

For the Men…

Ok, men…this one is for you.  Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and your special someone is no doubt primping and preening and going over every nuance of her outfit for your special night together.  She will look immaculate and re-ignite the spark in your heart and the desires of your body.

Now, what are you doing for her?  Yes, food and presents are a given.  But what are you doing to go that extra mile.  To say, “I love you and care about you and want to make sure I am the most attractive version of me I can be, just for you”?

Shaving and taking a shower don’t cut it anymore.  Get a dashing Mad Men haircut or add some color to your greying locks or even just have an expert style your hair so it says, “I am your handsome prince.”  If she sees that you went for it and prepared for Valentine’s Day in a special way, just as she did, you will be able to spark something back in her.  And when two sparks get together, they can be explosive!

So go the extra mile!  Stop by Noho Hair Salon and get yourself prepped and pampered, just for her.  And who knows, you might actually like the way you look and feel.  And that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about…that and love, of course.

NoHo Hair Salon: 11049 Magnolia Blvd. Suite 200, NoHo, CA 91601 – 818-753-4247

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