Why Spend the Money?

Why Spend the Money?

We have all heard the conversations…why should I spend “that” much on my hair?  I can go somewhere cheaper…its just hair.  There are always less expensive places out there but there are many factors that go into a price.  Experience level, quality of products used, consistency of work.

I used to be one of those people.  I could never understand why people spent money on cuts and color or even expensive products for their hair.  Then, I started working in a salon.  I would see the amazing cuts and colors that would leave this place.  They were like the ones I saw at my old haunts, but there was something fresh and alive about them.  I used the samples of our product on my own hair and I realized something.  It was all worth it.  The stylists were simply more skilled at cutting and better at listening what clients wanted, the products were higher quality and didn’t build up or weigh down my hair and the colors were more vibrant and lasted longer.

I, now, like to think of it like a CZ and a Diamond.  Sure, they look similar and are cut using similar methods.  Some people might even believe they are the same thing.  But there are subtleties of a diamond that CZ’s cannot replicate.  There is also a feeling you get when you wear a diamond.  You know the difference, you feel different.  And after time a CZ fades and loses its brilliance…a diamond never does.  The same thing applies to hair.  You can get a $30 cut & color, but there is something to be said about going to an expert, someone that lives and breathes the science and art of color and cutting.  They may look similar, but there is no comparison when it comes to quality.

So, are you really worth just a $30 cut & color?  Because, I venture to guess you are worth so much more.  Upgrade to a diamond.  Come to Noho Hair Salon.

NoHo Hair Salon: 11049 Magnolia Blvd. Suite 200, NoHo, CA 91601 – 818-753-4247

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