We all search for our passions in life.  Some never find it, some can never accept it and some grab onto it and live it.

We must look inside ourselves and explore what we want and what moves us.  Not what will bring us a paycheck or what we should do, but really delve into our psyche and discover what drives us.  Then go out and do it!  It doesn’t need to be your livelihood to count…it can simply be something you do to melt away the stress, to be for one moment more “you” than ever before. What we do and who we are must coincide…for then we have passion!

We believe this is a requirement for a great stylist.  There is a beauty, a level of quality and an ease that happens when you’re getting your hair done by a dedicated stylist.  Don’t allow yourself to be transformed by someone that treats you like a number.  Here, beauty and passion drive our work and our art.

Come to NoHo Hair Salon and share your passion with us…maybe something will strike and you will have an epiphany.  At the very least you will leave us with fantastic hair crafted by true artists.  And that’s not too shabby!

NoHo Hair Salon: 11049 Magnolia Blvd. Suite 200, NoHo, CA 91601 – 818-753-4247

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11049 Magnolia Blvd. #111
North Hollywood, CA 91606

Corner of Blakeslee Ave. & McCormick St.

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