Pastel Hair Craze

Pastel Hair Craze

So, it is time we discussed it; the growing obsession with colored hair.  Not just any color, Pastel Colors.  Celebrities from Chloe Grace-Moretz to Lady Gaga to Helen Mirren have embraced Pastel Hair.  The beauty of Pastel Hair is that it works for just about any age and stage of life.  And it is very “on trend” right now.

Hair color makes a statement about who you are and what you are about.  Pastels give you the edge of unnaturally colored hair while giving you an air of innocence.  Bright, vibrant blues, Purples and reds give you a hard rock or punk edge and may not work for everyone.  But the softer, dare I say more subtle, colors can work for many walks of life.

This is a style we support wholeheartedly.  We love it so much we have even had one of our team dye their hair a brilliant shade of lavender.  We have the products and colors to achieve this exact look.  It can be just highlights or the entire head of hair itself.  Either way you will be on trend and perhaps stepping out of the box a little bit.  Not enough to cause a scandal with your neighbors, but just the right amount to have people turn their heads and say, “Wow!”

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