A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

So, you have gone through all the steps.  You have asked your friends for their opinion, checked the blogs, slept on it, pleaded with your loved ones to support you…and now, you are ready for a new Style.  The next step is critical.  You now have to explain, to yet another person, exactly what you want.  Most of us are not trained Stylists with a wide-ranging professional “hair-centric” vocabulary.  So we say things like, “to about my neck”, “swoopy in front”, “you know, crazy and choppy”, all while moving around hands around our head wildly.  This can lead to miscommunications and may result in a look you didn’t really aim for.  This is where pictures come in.

Spend the extra day or two scouring for pictures of the look you want…the more angles the better.  This will fill-in the gaps in information.  Where we know what swoopy means, a Stylist may think of something else.  This way when we point to the bangs on the model and say swoopy, they know exactly what we mean.  No more frustration, no more guessing…just the look you want.  And let’s face it, you deserve it!

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